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The Lag


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This game just released yesterday and there has been almost ZERO hype. It's a very fun game, and insane multiplayer.
Mixes light RTS elements with 3rd-person shooter:

btw, my psn name is: Fury-Elevator if you get this game

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after playing it a bunch, growing more and more frustrated, then hearing about how many others are frustrated -- wait for it to be patched some more. as things are it is extremely imbalanced, and spawn-killing/base-raping is the norm (if you are on the less-experienced team and are masochistic, it is common to spawn and die repeatedly for the entirety of a 15-30 minute match...)
hawks reign supreme and there is little point in using anything else, since you are at a disadvantage if you do.
i played the beta, but they made hawks even stronger than they were then.
even an inexperienced hawk pilot can clusterbomb the enemy base over and over, killing 3-4 people each time and destroying several buildings as well
the collision-detection is screwed up, so a hawk in mech form can stomp the ground and kill you from 5 feet away. hawks can also turn invisible to radar and nearly-invisible to you as well as put up a shield that makes them invulnerable for a few seconds.
an experienced hawk pilot can and will dominate an entire match of 31 other players no matter how experienced those other players are at using the other methods of combat (tank, jeep and gatling, sniper, jetpack and rocketlauncher combo, etc) and can also easily cut through or completely destroy any defenses set up.

apparently, some balancing tweaks are in the works...

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things were fine for the most part during the beta and first couple of days of release, people hung around base, building up defenses, and then slowly moved to another strategic location closer to the enemy base, etc.
now, however, too many people are of the "spawn-raping enemy base in hawk = success" mentality and it sucks.

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