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BattleRoyale - a blast from the past

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This is a terrible wad I made for Doom 2 back when I had just learned most of the basics of map making and I had never heard of any other ports than zdaemon. (2008)

There is no story or anything like that, just go in there and kill your way to the exit.

It was designed exclusively for zdaemon, you are supposed to die and continue from the beginning on some of the levels.

I highly recommend that you do not even try to play this without zdaemon since it will be impossible without cheats.

It contains 15 levels, four of which are only remotely good.

The best levels are 1,2,6 and 8 if you want to skip the rest.

Infinitely tall actors setting should be set to off, weapons stay setting should be on.
GOTHICTX is required.

I think that should be just about all you need to know.

Download(gothictx included, I hope thats alright):

---------SPOILERS BELOW(maybe)---------
Map 01 - Its a pretty normal map and it doesnt really look like any other map in this wad.
Map 02 - Same as the first, also PANCASE2 everywhere.
Map 03 - Its what happens when someone tries to recreate the Diablo 2 act boss rooms in doom 2.(act 1-3)
Map 04 - Continuation on the previous map. (act 4)
Map 05 - Continuation on the previous map. (act 5)
Map 06 - Some fortressy spaceship map.
Map 07 - A very long stairway to death.
Map 08 - The best map of the entire wad, stony, metallic, nukage and inverted crosses.
Map 09 - You are supposed to kill three cyberdemons with a chainsaw.
Map 10 - The first of the worst, guessing game no.1, press a button and hope its the right one.
Map 11 - Just a small uberdeathkill map.
Map 12 - Guessing game no.2.
Map 13 - Built a crude version of a cyberdemons head.
Map 14 - Guessing game no.3, press them all and fight ~200 cyberdemons, also spidertower ftw.
Map 15 - The worst of them all.(You dont want to know)

I sort of want to fix them up so they are compatible(and beatable) with prboom but I dont know if its worth it.

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