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el zee

Drawings made into maps

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I found an old book a couple of weeks ago, with some maps I drew with my friend 5hfifty, when I was a kid. We were probably about 9/10 years old when we did these around 1997/8.

One of them was made into a map for doom 2 by my uncle back in the 90's. The other one never got made so I decided to give it a go and make a map with a 90's feel to it for doom 1.

I have no idea what the hell we were drawing, there's no way of telling what all the different coloured lines and little symbols mean, so I kinda just went with the flow.

So, here's some screenshots of the drawings and the maps side by side.

1990's map by my uncle:

2012 map by me:

Download: http://elzee.co.nz/elzee/lz_drawn.zip

Also, did anyone else draw maps and then make them? I would be keen on seeing how they turned out.

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el zee said:

did anyone else draw maps and then make them? I would be keen on seeing how they turned out.

I used to draw maps for Doom constantly as a kid, but as I've thusfar been unable to locate them thanks to moving house so often it's unlikely I'll ever get the chance to convert them into playable levels.

I have, however, recovered a few stacks of paper golf from a trunk of primary schoolwork -- paper golf being a game where you draw 18 holes for a personalized course, place a B4 pencil on the tee block, and flick it onto the fairway / into the hole (club selection being how far down the pencil you create the pivot point. Always replace your divots! (erase pencil marks after play)). I had invented the game by my lonesome to play with others at school, not realizing that it had already been attempted... but perhaps one day I'll convert those into fully realized golf courses! Heh.

It certainly would be interesting to see how such maps turn out, though the real fun would be in the process rather than the results. This could be a good incentive for me to start drawing sketches for maps before putting vertex to void, rather than working off the image that I hold inside my head.

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I drew maps for a couple of the maps of newgothic and shai'tan's luck. They turned out sorta like what I mapped. I'm not really sure if I scanned them, maybe I'll do that when I'm not in finals mode heheh.

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I think somewhere in time you just made a 10 year old boy's dream come true hee.

As for my own youthful ventures, somewhere in a box up in my attic lies a thick 3-ring binder chalk full of isometric drawings of levels and scripts for doom that I drew and wrote back when I was in high school. I dream of the day when I can pull them out and actually make them into something. Alas that day will have to wait...

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I always draw maps for this Doom-like game called Cube on paper before making them in the game. This is because Cube only has a 3D built-in map editor like Doom Builder's 3D mode. so it makes sense to plan out the map before constructing it in 3D. I even made my own special grid paper with 8x8 small tiles in a big tile as opposed to 10.

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heh lz_drawn.txt details LEON2.wad and drawn2.wad details lz_drawn.wad

Anyway, I played LEON2 and it was longer than I expected. It's pretty neat. You were a sadistic 9 year old.

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I'm glad we waited till now before that map was made heh. The new map plays awesomely, Leon did an awesome job. PLAY IT

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