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Survive In Hell demos [-complevel 9]

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Anima Zero said:
Map 33 UV-Max in 6:46

Cacti enemies that basically kill you without any armor if they blow up right next to you, can randomly crash your game if they do so (For me at least!), and won't count as a kill if they suicide on you or a nearby enemy that hits them? BRILLIANT DESIGN!

Those are Creepers. Their portrayal in that map is pretty much spot on: In Minecraft, if they suicide due to player proximity or being sufficiently annoyed, you don't get experience or drops for killing them. And yes, they usually WILL kill you if they explode on / near you and you don't have armor (or only weak armor)! They're also quite tough to kill from a distance (decent HP), and melee range is certainly not advised unless you're quite agile - they recognise that you're close, and a very quick timer starts counting down. Still within range after 2 seconds? BOOM.

Not sure if the crashing is deliberate (I imagine not), but even that makes "some" sense when in a Minecraft context: Death either results in you respawning minus all your stuff (softcore mode), or your world is permanently erased on death (hardcore mode).

Creepers have a bad reputation for good reasons. :) So making them an awful addition to the map is... well, accurate.

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Memfis said:

MAP17 UV-Max in 1:50, I think cannonball will like this route :)

I approve of this demo and it's blatant suggestion that I should try and beat it. I shall post a picture of my destroyed laptop after an hour of trying :D
Gave up after a mancubus persistently camped by the ssg no matter what I did. Heh....

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Yes, that SSG "grab" is very random and annoying. And when it finally works you get nervous and smash yourself with a rocket or die from the revenants. Hate it when I discover a trick that definitely should be used in a good demo but is very risky/luck-based. :)

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cannonball said:

Map25 Max in 1:25
Did this a couple of days ago, didn't expect to release it here as I didn't think the wad was at final release. I had a couple more demos but they are on the previous release so I will redo them.

MAP25 UV-Max in 1:14


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Those fucking archviles will never attack me instantly in map16, grrrr.

I just had a 00:18 run where those cybers infront of the last teleporter blocked me for at least 1-2 seconds, so 00:16 is possible with luck.

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Diving in at the deep side here.

Survive in Hell
Map 24: Styx Battle
UV Fast 5:49

Please oh please let there not be any monsters left. Can someone please check it for me? I don't know how. I could have sworn there was a fireball striking a wall towards me near the end, but I couldn't see anything.

I struggled for a few evenings to get an exit but figured out some stuff that worked for me. Amazingly, tonight I got two exits within about 30 minutes.

Another interesting thing that I noticed, and I hope somebody can shed some light on this: At first I didn't record using -complevel 9 (I simply forgot) but later on I did. I clearly noticed that monsters moved differently, mainly spreading out a bit more. I'd love to hear the explanation (if one exists).



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Kotzugi said:

Can someone please check it for me? I don't know how. I could have sworn there was a fireball striking a wall towards me near the end, but I couldn't see anything.

Yes, you got all the monsters. If you want to check, you can play the demo back with PrBoom+ using the advanced HUD (you can find the option to turn it on in options->setup->status bar / hud). Then, the killcount will show up in the automap, or if you turn on the HUD by maximizing the screen size as much as possible and pressing F5, I think, in order to switch between different HUD layouts. You should have smart totals on as well (same place in the Options menu), though it won't count monsters resurrected by arch-viles, so the only way to check for those as far as I know is to replay the demo after recording and look through the automap with IDDTx2 and search for red dots. Probably most speedrunners here use the HUD (at least in PrBoom+) during recording as well so you can check the monster count while you're playing.

As for differences between -cl9 and -cl2, I seemed to have experience some difference as well, though it's not much as far as I know. Someone else would probably be able to shed more light on that, though.

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4shockblast said:

nice and useful stuff

Thanks, got it! F5 did the trick. I do usually play using that HUD but didn't know how to activate the monster count. I still don't know which option it corresponds to though, I only see: secret areas, smart totals, show gamespeed, show leveltime, show demotime and show progress bar during playback. Anyway, the shortcut works, so no worries.

Speaking about smart totals...

PrBoom documentation said:

Smart totals: Monsters spawned by an Monster Spawner should not be countable for total killed.

Sounds great, except if it won't count resurrected monsters, it kind of defeats the purpose, it seems. At least you can still hear if there are monsters roaming around.

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