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I glad to know they still alive, maybe new album in next year, maybe next decade... :/

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EduXYZ said:

My first post, Hello Doom World!


That was like Linkin Park meets a boy band. You just wasted your first post.

Here's one that's actually heavy as hell.

EDIT: But welcome to the forum anyway. There are some pretty righteous cats here. I hope my earlier joke wasn't too prickish for you. Haha

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Oh boy the awesomeness

EDIT: sirjuddington, you have sure really good taste, like this song too!

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Awesome psychedelic rock debute with female vocals. Included two ex-Sungrazer members!

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TraceOfSpades, Windhand rules, yeah! New album is so good!

Another great SMASHING doom/stoner band with female vocalist:

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TraceOfSpades said:

I save this band for my especially cheery days.


Not a fan of Windhand to be honest. They always sound like a more commercially friendly version of Electric Wizard to me. Less heavy, and with lame female vocals. Granted Electric Wizard themselves haven't been very good lately either. If I want "stoner" Doom Metal I always jam to "Come My Fanatics" or "Dopethrone." The Blood Farmers debut and some of the Chritus albums from Goatess and Terra Firma are great as well. Those sound a little more like Ozzy era Black Sabbath which I like:

But hey if you like Windhand that's cool too.

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Also for anyone curious about hearing more Doom Metal here's a list I wrote on my music account: http://rateyourmusic.com/list/GrimOfReality/waiting_your_turn__just_to_die__the_best_doom_metal_albums/

Mostly darker stuff there though. Lots of Death/Funeral Doom in the second half. Just stuff I like listening to.

Also my Youtube channel. Same "GrimOfReality" profile name: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6Fc11UGLj8EGbl4O5WmH5A

And my music profile homepage (first time ever age reveal????): http://rateyourmusic.com/~GrimOfReality

And I don't mean to come across as pretentious I don't consider my taste in music superior or "better" than anyone else. I just figured others might find music they like here if they are into the Doom Metal genre like I am.

I'm also working on an extensive Death Metal list that spans over 150 bands. It will be awesome. Death Metal is my favorite genre. Even more than Doom.

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