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New shit:

Can't wait for new album. Love stoner from Greece! <3

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MistAche said:

I met the Sad Ex guys a few times... they're fucked in the head man. I stayed at Kris Hades place while I was over for Evil Invaders, guy would vomit all over himself, sitting on his own couch, then swig back more vodka like it was nothing... was looking for a CD to play to us, then vomit all over his floor. Dave Slave is a punisher... his 'Bass Bionics' hahaha... Interesting you posted Destruktor, I lived in Geelong for a couple of years and became good mates
with Glenn back in 2009.

Have a look at Impetuous Ritual: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZ3q9O3HVcU

Woah, that's so cool! SE sure can handle their alcohol, haha! I don't even think anyone could out-drink the guys in Sadistik Exekution (Blasphemy, maybe? Those guys are nuts, as well). Destruktor is killer! I really dig their LP, "Opprobrium." I'll have to add their other releases in my collection soon. I definitely have to see them live some time.

Impetuous Ritual is freakin' intense! Killer stuff. Have you ever heard of Nyogthaeblisz? (Here's a few tunes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_EvcUr9Xu4) I was going to see them live this month, but their tour got cancelled, unfortunately.

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Today a italian youtuber i follow made a mini review of this video clip:

Also, is the first time i legitimate heard anything from Sonic Youth, i just knew them because they are in a Simpson episode "Homerpalooza". And to mislead them with the people who made the Quake 2 soundtrack (Sonic Mayhem)


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