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Shine, shine on, through the darkness and the pain.
Shine, shine on, Warrior!
Shine, shine on, through the wind and the rain.
Shine, shine on, Warriorrrr!!

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We don't need to drug ourselves anymore to keep the boredom away
We don't need anything except relying on ourselves for a change
I can see a new tomorrow

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Preordered this album and was extremely surprised how good it is. I had high hopes since the last handful of records weren't exactly spectacular IMO and the 4 songs they showed off for this were great. Listened to it 3 times since its release at midnight. These guys made another amazing record. It really deserves credit. Def goes back to their roots in a mature way. Extremely heavy especially for Korn. Loving it so much :D


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Came here to post about korns new album but MrDeAD1313 already beat me to it :p

Still not as good as their old stuff but it's pretty damn close, really enjoying it

I think my fav song so far is 'die yet another night'

The whole albums really damn good, thank god cus their experimental era was pretty lame imo :p

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DeathevokatioN said:

As of yesterday my Bolt Thrower collection is complete!!

Nice, Bolt Thrower are fucking awesome. They don't have a bad album in my opinion.

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