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how to do complevels in XDRE?

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I don't understand why you use a launcher. All you have to do is:
1. Make a shortcut of xdre.exe (because shortcut is handy)
2. Rename it xdre.exe - plutonia - prcp (or something else you like)
3. Right click on the shortcut
4. Properties
5. Shortcut tab
6. Write "xdre's path/xdre.exe -iwad plutonia.wad -file PRCP.wad" in the target section.
7. Run the shortcut
Now it should start with complevel 4 with PRCP.wad from the shortcut.

In the picture I have made shortcuts for doom, doom2, plutonia and PRCP with plutonia as an iwad (means complevel 4).

I hope this helps.

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Alright thanks Paska, I'll just continue on using this method for the rest of my demo.

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