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installation problem

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Hi, I have installed Doom 2 Plutonia Revisited but when I launch it an error occurs : "IdentifyVersion - IWAD not found". What gives? I'm using prboom 2.5.0. I did the same installation instructions with plutonia experiment, doom 2, ultimate doom and didn't have a problem?

Any suggestions on how to make this error go away?

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AFAIK Plutonia Revisited is not a standalone IWAD but a PWAD, and so it can't be simply used in lieu of the the actual PLUTONIA.WAD.

You need to use a valid Doom 2 IWAD along with it (this includes TNT.WAD and PLUTONIA.WAD) and loading it as a PWAD. Don't expect it to be recognized as a separate game such as e.g. Ultimate Doom or TNT: Evilution.

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