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Chocorenderlimits Updated!

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This update adds brute forcing output, which you can use to probe around the map in many places in a very fast fashion.

More can be seen at http://remood.org/?page=news&guid=ed83ebab-1278-47d0-a24e-ef9a6a1253c8#crlmaytwenty

If you don't feel like reading the documentation to use it, read this to at least use the brute force.

Accessing: Requires -warp

-bruteforce							Commence brute force
-brutestart <n>						Sector to start brute forcing at
-brutestop <n>						Sector to stop brute forcing at
-brutegran <n>						Granularity of brute force jumps (default 32)
-brutebounds <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2>	Limit checking to these bounds
-brutedatfile <path>				File to write data to (passed directly to fopen())
-bruteppmfile <path>				File to write image to (passed directly to fopen())

The following two stepping options are geared more twords scripts that can execute
in parallel and combine the output data.

-brutestep <n>						Move multiple gran units, default: 1
-brutestepoffset <n>				Start at additional gran units, default: 0

Two files are outputted:
	> crlbf_rw.dat: The raw brute force data contained
	> crlbf_im.ppm: A pictire of the data

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Are you trying to steal andrewj's thunder?


Interesting pictures, can you point me towards a utility that'll merge the RGBA masks and display them as a single image?

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