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What are you currently working on?

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Title says it all.

Here's a chance for every mapper and modder out there to post a screenshot or another sampler of what is currently on the works. This way other Doomers can get an exclusive glimpse of what can be released in the near or far future.

Remember to comment others' posts, it gives the author motivation and fresh ideas and points of view. Mappers love feedback! :3

I'll post mine later if the thread catches on.

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The main map I'm working on now is map 25 for TNT2:

This room has been edited a little but you get the idea.

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Looking good, Olympus.

Wasn't too convinced by your SF2011 map originally, but it grew on me over time. It'll be interesting to see how do your maps play in a more "standard" setting. :)

By the way, have you released other stuff before? Did a search for your name but it came up with nothing (or rather, many unrelated things).

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I released a short AV-inspired map last year, you can play it here. I was working on a multi-level map set called "Unholy Nights" but I haven't worked on it in a while.

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Working on a megawad (Revelations of Doom) together with DeathevokatioN.

I have finished my half/all 16 maps (still some tweaking left to do of course), and I started a new map which was intended as a stand-alone release, but I have pretty much decided that I`ll replace an older map with this new one.

I posted these shots in the post-your-picture-thread, but here they are again:

It`ll probably not be finished in a while yet, I`m having serious motivation issues these days.

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I started my first ever Doom map about a week ago. I'm trying to create a mid-to-large sized single-player replacement for Map 01 of Doom 2. The map will feature UAC Base-style rooms and some relatively open outdoor environments. I'm close to completing the first room, a simple, largely symmetrical layout, and have just started work on the first outdoor area. Here are some screenshots:

One outdoors shot:

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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That is really good for a first map. Has a very classic look to it. Remember to unpeg upper and lower textures above and below windows/doors etc etc.


Have seen those shots before, but this doesn't make them any less awesome. Also, I now know that they are part of a megawad, which makes it even better.

@ProcessingControl. That looks really good. Strong contrast in lighting, and the red lava 'highlights' works really well.

@Olympus. Truth is, I am glad that map is still in the works, as I really liked the theme and style of that level. And I remember your AV level well. Heh, I even asked to use it for TNT2, it would have fitted right in. if we are talking about the same map. Good stuff!

Also, MeaCulpa... still slowly making progress, though not much since I started working on TNT2. And now: Random screenies ahoy... Because who needs a reason?

Control room of some description:

Medical research. (Your brother marine is having a bad day):

Hellish outpost. (And now you're having a bad day)...

Elevator shaft:

Sewage treatment. Ewww:

No good can come from the UAC messing around with these marble Hell-cubes:

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Don't really want to post my stuff again, but I work on several maps. Including some mapset for vanilla doom, but its not all that great. And progress is very slow cause of some real life issues I'm dealing with right now.

Nice screens, especially the Darkreaver ones.

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Processingcontrol said:

Isn't "Post your Doom picture" enough for stuff like this?

Exactly. Most people there post images of their WIP, more so than just Doom trivia.

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you should really finish that kyka, the demo you sent me was pretty cool.

I got nothing to show right now, my slaughterfest map is maybe 1/3 done and it's more action than visuals anyway.

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I'm trying to build a map for the forum's big project of all the mappers, I already had a map that was almost done but I didn't like the gameplay so I decided to retry working on it.

I have a few exams this week so I barely work on the map,I hope to finish it in two weeks.

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The last two days I was completely killing myself working on ZDCMP#2 (23 cumulative hours of mapping over a 40 hour period). No screenshots or anything because we're keeping all of that over on Realm667 for now and everything I did was horrifically rough.

My next map will be a second MAYhem entry (planned to take approximately 2 evenings) and then I'm going to start a suicidal drive on finishing my second Back to Saturn X entry in time for the end of the month.

Assuming I've not started hating mapping forever after that, I've got the Tiny Double Pack to finish and I want to make a map for the "everybody in Doomworld" mapping project too.


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E3M8 for my vanilla E3 collab thingy:

MAP27 for Interception:

Doom2 megawad (more or less original themes):

Doom1 megawad (classic themes):

Currently taking a break and not working on anything.

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Couple of Maps for the NOVA project

Couple of Maps of Slaughterfest 2012

And two maps for Mayhem wad

And Finally when I get round to it the megawad I'm working on, 2012 it's going to be a miracle to make and release before the end of the year.

I'm going to take a break from mapping and speedrunning over the next two weeks to concentrate on my final exams.

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What I've been working on:

Panopticon, MAP08 of the Doom 2 vanilla community megawad Interception is submitted, tested and now probably finished:

Caco's Cauldron, E3M6 of Memfis' Doom 1 E3 replacement is also probably finished:

Radar Base and Starport Anomaly are my two submissions so far for the D2TWID megawad:

Washed Up (MAP04), Terminus (MAP09), Septic Underbelly (MAP15), Ostoyae Anomaly (MAP20), Lifeblood (MAP24) & Dead Planet (MAP29) are my 6 maps for the Progresive Fiction megawad Hadephobia. MAP24 is in progress right now but the others are done barring any issues arising from playtesting:

Once I've finished MAP24 I would like to make another D2TWID submission, but that project has been very quiet for a long time. I'm also still planning on doing a map for ToD's all inclusive project and possibly have a go at a Slaughterfest 2012 map. I was interested in the Nightmare Megawad idea but I'm not sure if it's still going.

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