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xxbio Warfare11

Risen 3d [models, solved]

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Hello there. I recently downloaded Risen 3d and i cant seem to get those damn 3d models to apear ive tried to install them and it creats the "md2" foldetr full of ded.files and i try to load those ded.files but nothing happens. and also i think it may be a bug because while picking out my ded.files there is a box thats checked in and next to it the description says "force model override" and i cant un click it. Any ways some feedback would be nice.

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First, uninstall Risen3d. If there still remains a Risen3D folder after uninstalling, Delete the folder and all subfolders/files.

Also, did you read

models installation guide?

1. Reinstall Risen3D 2. Install model pack 1 THEN model pack 2, in that order.

You do not have to load the deds. The "force model override" is for pwads with modified sprites.

Hope this helps.

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