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Euro Thunder #06 - GOTHIC FFA - OS

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I'm very likely to be involved this Sunday. I've missed the last few for various reasons. It would be nice if there was a Euro Thunder co-op session for a change of pace.

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Geez I miss one week and it gets cancelled?? :p

Seriously though as I said last week I think you need to do the publicity better. Also I understand gothic99 has a bit of a reputation for being terrible so it perhaps wasn't the wisest choice of wad to host.

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cyberreality said:

did you try sometime this pwad??

Yes, it was part of Darkgoth, a compilation which Nitro played host to a few weeks ago. I'm not sure I see your point—I was merely speculating on why attendance was low last week. If there's been a misunderstanding, I apologise.

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