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The Onslaught (complete)

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Hey guys, if anyone remembers me, I am back again.


This map is something I cooked up when I was bored, but man, I'm telling you it's lots of fun. It's called onslaught because I just thought of the name and this level has no monster blockage, meaning monsters can hunt you and get all over the place and cause quite the ruckus.

This is just a regular vanilla map but I find it fun to play in Zdoom. also right now it only comes in UV setting so... if you're not great at doom, I suggest playing with -host 1 in the command line, so when you die you can just come back to life and pick up where you left off, it's loads of fun.

Also tried it with my buddy Zot and it's a blast in multi-player

pics here:


Anyway, please tell me what you think and don't be afraid to give it a try. If anyone of the elite players here want to make a demo for me that would be awesome!


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I've tried out a bit of the map and think it's awesome so far. There's a very good challenge here that starts early. Being pitted against an arch-vile in a small room with nothing better than the pump-action shotgun is a rare moment in Doom wads, and one that I wish would pop up more often. Thanks for making this map.

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