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Doom 32

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Anyone remembers that megawad from 1997 called Doom 32, a wad with randomly selected maps that were standalone wads made between 1994 and 1996, including a map by the wad coordinator, Jeremy "Ironlich" Wagner, questionnable sounds, and music which was taken from Shamus Young's wads like Doomcity, Phobos: Relive the Nightmare, and Slugfest? It kinda bugs me, and this may sound stupid, but given how most of the maps in that wad were of poor quality (despite some decent ones thrown in the mix), does this sound kinda familiar, especially when the title of the megawad is Doom 32? Wait a minute, Action 52, the infamous compilation game on the NES! Doom 32 is to Doom what Action 52 is to the NES!

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I remember this. /idgames has it. I remember it being a mixed bag with some coolish stuff later on... 'course the highlight of the pack was Nostromo's Run. That should say a lot about its rippiness. :P

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