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Select music for wad file?

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I'm making a level for doom with doombuilder and I really think the music from level 9 of Hell Revealed works best with the level. How do I get that music into a stand alone wad file? Any help would be awesome thnaks.

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Hell Revealed is a user-made megawad, am I correct? If not then disregard my ramblings. You would need to use a 'WAD editor' like XWE (as opposed to a map editor like Doom Builder) in order to search the Hell Revealed wad & find the specific music file you are looking for. Then you would simply copy that file in XWE & open your own wad with XWE (make damn sure your map editor is never open at the same time as your WAD editor) to paste that music file into it.

Then you would need to use XWE again & create a brand new document for your map in XWE called 'MAPINFO'.

There you will need to create some info about your level so that the wad knows to play that specific music for the level.

As an example, this would be the MAPINFO 'lump' (file basically) for the first level of DOOM II:


map MAP01 lookup "HUSTR_1"
titlepatch = "CWILV00"
next = "MAP02"
secretnext = "MAP02"
sky1 = "SKY1"
cluster = 5
par = 30
music = "$MUSIC_RUNNIN"


Here, if you replace "lookup "HUSTR_1" " with just "TITLE HERE" of your map where TITLE HERE = your own unique title still in quotations, it will change & show the title at the end of the round along with the % of kills, items, secrets, & par-time (if your map has an end to it.)

Same can be said of a few of these parameters, you can change them & you can add an additional new 'sky2' if you feel like it.

The "par", of course, is the par time. The '30' implies seconds here, it gives you 30 seconds as the time to complete on the map to be at or under "par" time.

Now we get to the question you were really asking about, & that has to do with "music". If you see here, the music's title is in quotations with an $ in front of it. The $ signifies it is a string which should refer back to some other document in your wad called 'LANGUAGE', but we don't need to distract ourselves with that. I'm assuming you used MAP01 as the starting point for your file, if not then refer to this awesome thread for more information:


But anyway, in order to sync up your music to be the music for that particular level, change "$MUSIC_RUNNIN" to "TITL_HRE" with TITL_HRE = your music file's title up to 8 characters long again still in quotations in MAPINFO.

That is really all that needs to be said, when you load up the map in ZDoom/Doom Builder, it will play the music that you desire for the level.

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But! It works with Zdoom only! If you're mapping for other port, rename your desired music to name of level's original music (if your map uses mapslot 1, rename it to D_RUNNIN) and just put it in your WAD via WAD editor

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