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Brutalized Doom & Doom 2

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ZDoom thread

This is a project that originally stemmed from a file I named "Doom Co-op" which started off way back in 2006 or 2007 with increased monster count more or less plus a few sound and minor graphics visuals but I eventually moved into actually adding new sections to both original sets of maps (except episode 4 of Doom) on top of making it suitable for single and co-op multiplayer.

Now with the Brutal Doom mod florishing, it made my original Doom Co-op very fun to play so what did I do? I further increased difficulty of the maps once for the standard Brutalized set but a second time for Hardcore Brutalized. They are both playable with or without Brutal Doom but it increases difficulty twofold or threefold with the mod.

The biggest difference between Brutalized and Hardcore Brutalized is that I fixed up all the unclosed sector errors (courtesy of id that went unnoticed and were extremely minor) and some goof ups of my own (the E2M6 lowering floor HOM near start) when I jacked up the difficulty for Hardcore, on top of additional edits to two later Doom 2 levels.

On a side note, playing this with vanilla Doom or Doom 2 is not recommended as there are some linedefs that utilize Boom style line actions so if one must play "pure", use a limit removing port such as Boom/prBoom as the bare minimum.

These are replacement levels only and is not an IWAD, so these cannot be used as an IWAD to circumvent the need for an IWAD to use PWADs.

Check here for updates!

Brutalized Standard - v1.02
Brutalized Hardcore - "Hell on Earth" edition. Updated 6/16/12, MAP31 & MAP32 edits!

Optional Brutal music - for Doom 2. Updated 6/16/12. Fixed MAP30, added MAP31 & 32.


Current issues:
No current issues reported as of 1.02

Any and all feedback is appreciated, especially if it helps fix minor errors I may have overlooked.

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Version update for both, "Welcome Reception" edition gives some surprises on MAP01 - MAP03.

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"Hellspawn" edition update, MAP01 through MAP11 have a significant difficulty spike, inspired by Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta megawads.

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"Fire City" update, further updates to existing Hardcore maps from MAP12 to MAP20.

Let me know if anything is wrong, such as unfair difficulty spikes or errors regarding sectors not moving and such.

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"Hell on Earth" edition of Brutalized Hardcore done, all Doom2 maps further edited.

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Fixed the optional music WAD, had MAP30's set for MAP31 (D_EVIL instead of D_OPENIN), plus replaced MAP31 & 32 with their more appropriate Wolfenstein 3D tracks.

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