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My game. (based on flash but worth to take a look)

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Vaporizer said:

Climbing up ladders is kinda slow, and after getting up, the climbing sprite was still on the player. Pressing f didn't seem to work, until I noticed it actually did and the door was open. I didn't notice that the switch changed colors and positions, some sort of a sound would help. I don't like how going out of the main route just takes back to the start of the level - if you don't want the player to explore don't make something that seems like a secondary route. Most of the time when there was a ladder or something else to climb, you could just walljump and get up faster. There is not really point in the ladders, walljumping is a faster and a more fun way to get up.

1.) Climbing is buggy because that wasn't my own stuff, I used the way of somebody else - it's free on Stencyl. Later, I'll fix it with somebody who is better at programming.

2.) I'll add sounds later, but since I've already added a "DOOR OPENED." sign.

3.) I've put a sign to the first shortcut: "I wouldn't recommend you to look for shortcuts..." Also, because of the style of the level, I can't solve it without deathtraps.

4.) Probably not all the people have played Super Meat Boy as much as me, so I have to think of those who prefer standard platformer features instead of walljumping.

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