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This is my second wad. I think it's an improvement from my first wad but this wad only has two maps. Here is the download link:

Updated version: http://www.mediafire.com/?9b3q9wmu2gcb4zv

^This is the updated version. I basically compiled everything into one map, added a beginning and an end, made difficulty settings and fixed any bugs. (I called it Raystorm instead of adding a '2' on the end)

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Ah sorry. The second post was supposed to be a youtube video. I don't know why it didn't show up.

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So I played this WAD and I'm going to give my thoughts on it:

  • Many rooms of the first level came from your first Doom WAD which I find pretty lazy.
  • You still need to work on changing your floor height for changing the floor texture as said in John Romero's map design rules.
  • The first map was very linear and you should make maps like you see in the classic Doom games.
  • The first level's Computer Map was too easy to find and made it's secrets too easy to find.
  • The small blue key room with the dead marine in the first level was ridiculous. No offense.
Overall this was OK but you should be more creative instead of copying and pasting from your first WAD. Don't give up on map making and keep on trying.

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Yeah the first level was a compilation of various rooms from the first wad. Sorry for the laziness.
I agree the first map is quite easy since it is almost a straight line.
Your right, the computer map should have been much later on. Maybe in a hidden secret.
That room was a bit of a joke :)
Thanks for the feedback.

Thank you for making a let's play of this wad. I was thinking of posting the vid here but you did it anyway. Thanks again :)

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