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Doom Music , in a more Midi like way, reminding me of the DOS Midi.

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TurtleTears said:

I love this Imps Returning song, favorited and following you. What did you use to make this song?

Hi you really made my day with this comment, i truly appreciate you like, I made it with FL Studio and Native Instruments Kontakt 7. It was kind of a quick tune to make. i could probably had done more in terms of effects but i also just like it like it is now. i think it would be pretty good to listen in a Doom level. :) Anyways cheers for liking it means a lot. i am by no means a real composer so i am just glad i might can spread my music to some other parts. if you got any other questions regarding inspirations i am pretty sure most of my inspiration is from playing Doom 1 and Doom 2 :D constantly in december 2011. And i really like the Imps song in the original Doom.

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