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Raising stairs issue

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I've made raising stairs several times in the past, but suddenly it's not working for me for my current level. Here's what it looks like:


The highlighted sector is supposed to be the first raised stair. The other SLIME14 sectors to the north are tagged 99. But when I hit the switch to raise the stairs, only the first (highlighted, tagged 3) sector raises. Any ideas?

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1) Don't tag the other sectors.
2) make two-sided linedefs in the staircase face away from the sector if the other sector is not the next stair
3) all sectors in the stair need the same floor texture

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andrewj said:

I updated my post with more stuff.

#3 makes me sad. But good to know. I'll have to use the work-around and just do a raise to next highest or some such thing. Thanks!

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