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Eduard Khil AKA Mr. Trololo dies at 77

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Famed Soviet singer Eduard Khil, known to the world as Mr. Trololo has died in St. Petersburg after a stroke he endured in late May. The 77-year-old had been performing right up until recently.

If you aren't aware who Eduard Khil is, maybe this video would spark curiosity..

Farewell Mr. Khil.

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That's too bad, but it must have been amazing for him to come back to prominence so late in his life and be recognized for his work. I saw videos of him speaking about his song in the past couple years and he just seemed like a great, upbeat guy. Just think, if he had died a few years earlier, he would have missed the adoration and good will of the thousands of new fans he found around the world.

Here's an awesome tribute to him from Russia Times.

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Damn. He made such an awesome song that was made into one of the most popular memes we have today. My condolences go to his friends and family, and I'll never forget him for this song he made. I'm pretty sure he's trolling the afterlife and the Heavens right now.

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Not into that meme faggotry but this dude did what he digged and lived out his life the way he wanted to RIP

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Csonicgo said:

You just did a meme.

Wtf meme is that? Y U so stoopid?!

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