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the iron hitman

[WIP] Random Map

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Hello everyone, its been a while since the last time I worked on anything Doom related...slight hiatus so to speak.

Anywho, just thought I'd post some screenies of this random map I've been working on these past 2 weeks:

The base:

Pretty dangerous place for a bridge:

Some techy based room:

Crates...slightly empty:

Looking to ACTUALLY get this finished for once, since I have the tendency to start maps and scrap them due to not being happy with how they look/play.

This will be a GZDoom based map, get to play with 3D flooring and stuff. At the moment I've got a slight mappers block...anyone got any ideas on what they'd like to see from this map? (e.g. ideas for detail, puzzles etc).

Any feedback is appreciated :)

EDIT: P.S. Yes I did type "kill monsters" into the console, for screenshot purposes of course!

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Hey, I really like your style of architecture! I think the texturing is a bit weak, though. The way the SLADWALL in the second shot is cut off by the sloped window looks really unnatural. You could change the texturing, but I think the best move would be to simply make the window a thin, orthogonal window as curved windows in doom tend not to look very good in most cases.

In the third shot, I would get rid of the LITE detail that cuts off the silver STARTAN completely, I know it's blunt for me to say but it just looks really, really sloppy. I'd also add some more angles to it as well. Not only does it look better that way, but it prevents the player from getting stuck on a wall.

The final screenshot looks good except for the tanned texture (can't think of its name) on the sloped thing that looks like some kind of railing. I'd change it to something that's more of a plain, homogeneous surface so stuff isn't cut off unnaturally. Keep up the good work, I'll be keeping an eye on this.

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Hey thanks for the feedback Marnetmar! I've changed the windows in screenshot 2 and made the room in the 3rd screenshot a little less "blocky", as well as that out-of-place texture in the 4th screenie. However, I kinda liked the LITE/silver SARTAN combo because it seemed different, any suggestions on what to put in its place?

Gotta admit, texturing is not one of my strong points.

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If you want a second opinion, the LITE/STARTAN thing doesn't bother me because it looks like you did a nice job of aligning it so that the LITE appears neatly fitted into the wall panels.

Of course, I also didn't mind the way the octagonal window looks!

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Thanks jerrysheepy! Although I did change the window shape to square as it made the SLADWALL texture look weird. Glad you liked the LITE/SARTAN combo though!

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walter confalonieri said:

sure the outdoor looks really dark... anyway cool map...

Yeah, I'm undecided how I should leave the outdoor area (since I'm trying to merge 2 texture WAD's together with XWE which contains a dark and a light sky, but only 1 of them seems to show up when I'm using Doombuilder).

Anyway, thought I'd add an update and post some extra screenshots for now. Any feedback is appreciated...be brutal if you must.

Some corridor:

Another dark corridor:

These rooms aren't quite finished yet, but I'm slowly adding stuff to them (kinda struggling to detail rooms without getting repetitive and boring).

Hope you like the screenies guys, any feedback is great!

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Thread bump.

Progress is being made on this map, slowly but surely and I really need some testers...anyone interested? If so, PM me for the map link and tell me what you think (even if you think its absolutely horrific).

Note: This is intended to be a level which is slightly linear, but doesn't leave players running around switch hunting or getting lost and wanting to rip their eyeballs out looking for that mystery switch. This map is nowhere near completion yet, so some areas you may find are incomplete, but point out any bugs/good and bad things that you may find.

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