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SCP DooM Version

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Hello. This is my first doom mod uploaded to the internet, so i hope i get some feedback. Basicly, its SCP 087-B but with the doom engine. The game in 90% completed but is good enough to be played. I uploaded it to MediaFire and not IDGAMES because i haven't finished it yet.



Enjoy! Also, im making 2 doom mods now, "Frozen Death" and "Beyond Hell", so look forward to that!

Please leave feedback!

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

Awesome! Now make SCP 093 :)

There is an scp 093? I cant find anything.

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General Rainbow Bacon said:

go to scp-wiki.net and read it.

Make sure to actually read 087 if you haven't too. There are actually over 1000 SCPs.

Oh i thoutht you meant the scp 93 game...

I wish i had enough time to do ALL the scps : P

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