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Favorite Doom Music and what Midis would you recomend for Me?

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Lately I've been compiling a list of Midis from Doom IWADs and PWADs and I'd like to share my favorite as well as hear your favorites.

There are different type of styles I enjoy so I'll list my music by styles.

Doomish music:
E1M5 - Suspense
E1M7 - Demons on the Prey (You gotta' hear this remix!)
E1M8 - Sign of Evil (SNES <3)
E2M6 - Sinister
LV28 - Getting Too Tense
pe4_dt2:U4M2 - Return to the Abyss (Self advertising is always great :)
pe4_dt2:U4M7 - The Unholy Ages
ExMend - Victory Music

Spooky Music:
E2M2 - The Demons from Adrian's Pen
EV06 - Agony Rhapsody
AV09 - Castle Gardens
AV22 - Descent II Briefing Music
AV29 - The Guard Tower (Sound Blaster serves this song well)
MM06 - Terror

Deathmatch-ish music:
E2M3 - Intermission from DOOM
LV07 - Shawn's Got the Shotgun
LV10 - The Demon's Dead
EV10 - Infinite
UN52 - Shawn's Got The Shotgun (old version)
M201 - Avalanche [No link found]

E2M8 - Nobody Told Me About id
LV09 - Into Sandy's City
EV04 - Death's Bells
HR08 - Mist Ache
AV25 - You Suck
MM11 - Mummy Rags
M205 - Anchor [No link found]
M222 - And Blood Will Spill
H207 - Not That Simple II
H214 - Metal Meltdown
H217 - An Eye For An Eye
H219 - Mind Trap (Everyone must listen to this one at least once before they die!)
H223 - When The Heavens Fall
H226 - Dis 2000

And lastly the down right disturbing category:
U4Mend - Sweet Little Dead Bunny

I really love Mist Ache, makes me feel really sad but I love it. I also really love Mind Trap (obviously), it just feels so exciting! I always listen to that piece when I'm down and need a lift. And Blood Will Spill Is another great one, love how the music changes at 0:28. When The Heavens Fall is great, makes me feel like I'm being chased but the music's giving me the will to strengthen up and move on. Terror is also one of those songs that makes me feel like I'm being chased but in a very different way.

Anyways, could I have some suggestions for Midis I might like? I'm going for the "Doomish" styles which is best described by... well by what I put in the "Doomish" section. First let me differentiate the difference between the "Spooky" style and the "Doomish" style though: The "Spooky" style feels more "witch" like, the best example by far is The Guard Tower. "Doomish" music feel more desperate, like Suspense - "you're not getting out alive" you feel when you hear this song. Another great example of "Doomish" music is Sign of Evil - just pure depression (but in an awesome way). Now, while I'm looking mostly for the "Doomish" style of music, ANY suggestions based on what I've stated I like are welcome.

(I also really like the organ music of Scythe 2 so organ suggestions would be much appreciated)

Thew! Now that all the "=URLing"'s done, what are your favorites?

PS: I really love this Heretic track and this (direct midi download) Blood track.

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Personally I've always liked the music for MAP28: it seems like the most hellish out of the songs in Doom II. I often find myself humming the song for MAP07 as well.

[EDIT]: And Sweet Little Dead Bunny as well. It's got a nice little touch of psychosis.

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Seems like we share taste when it comes to music in Doom wads =)
I really like when the music has a melancholic touch to it. Especially in epic maps. Makes you feel all alone (which you are, doh) agains hell and all is lost.

I really like the HR2 soundtrack. The songs by Grave that is. Can`t see you mentioned map15 of HR2. One of my all time favs: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EQojMRK0E8

Also, do not forget about the intermission track from Evilution:

And Bloodlands from Team TNT: http://www.teamtnt.com/music/tntblood.mid
Kinda weird song, but I like it anyway.

I might be back with some recommendations later, too tired to dig up any midis right now.

Oh, and btw: I`m currently writing midis for an upcoming project, and I bet you`ll like them ;) Wait and see/hear =)

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Memfis said:

I made a list.

I recognize some of those and they are amazing. I'll have to look into the ones I have not heard.

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