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Industri released.. as Endarchy

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Remember Industri? That cool looking Tenebrae project from awhile back?
Well it's finished but made as a mod for Doom 3.

I just gave it a run through, and it's totally worth your time. 4 levels of creamy doom 3 goodness await.
If the upcoming BFG edition and the recent Phobos screen didn't get you playing Doom 3, this will.

Func_msgboard had the release post.


"Achievements" and and few soliders to save are just a few treats held within.

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Nice. Some screenshots would be more useful, in order to bait more people.

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This was pretty nice. It does a good job of eliminating some of Doom 3's flaws, has the duct tape mod included, and gets rid of the limited sprint gauge. It's really short though, and the normal difficulty felt pretty easy 99% of the time. Ammo seemed a bit low in certain spots; I think the amount was balanced for the number of monsters, but there's really no extra if you waste any. The brick theme is nice, but it kind of clashes with the stock tech props.

Grabbed a couple screenshots while I was playing:


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It's a really good mission with a new setting, some nice details and slightly non-linear level layouts. Recommended!

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