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Quality trick/puzzle WADs?

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Wondering if there are any reputable mods that incorporate this. For example,

1. A level with very limited ammo and many switches that unleash monsters or lower floors into dangerous fluid. Learn to flip switches with the correct order and timing to trap monsters or provoke infighting.

2. Scour the many-roomed mansion of a wealthy eccentric. Switches open up passages behind bookcases for just enough time for you to run to the opening before you're shut in. Look for clues as to which secret corresponds to which switch. Discover evil experiments.

3. Kill every human twice to continue. Killing an arch-vile may lead to an unwinnable situation.

4. A certain number of lost souls are necessary to reach critical mass and cleanse the demon infestation. Survive in a closed room while allowing pain elementals to spawn lost souls.

5. Anything surprising.

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you better open up DoomBuilder before someone else does ya mastermind! Some of these ideas seem a little crazy but awesome at the same time. I'm especially in favor of the Pain Elemental one.

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Memfis said:

"2" reminds me of map01 from The Puzzler.

Cool stuff. I just tried it out. The first puzzle is a room with at least 18 switches, and I only managed to figure out the effect of 3 of them! The second puzzle is a bunch of blue and red rectangles, each of which teleports to another rectangle depending on which side you try to exit the teleport. I see no pattern at all, so I just can't confirm that these are good puzzles.

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I hated that teleporter puzzle (I used doombuilder to figure out where to go), but liked everything else in that wad.

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