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Pacquiao robbed of title

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Bradley given split decision victory over Pacquiao despite Pacquiao clearly winning.

One spectator says: "That is horrible. Unreal. Ridiculous. Stupid. Bogus. Etc. That fight wasn't close and I was pulling for Bradley."

mp8.ph started a petition to overturn the decision.



LAS VEGAS — Timothy Bradley promised to shock, though the biggest shock in his fight with Manny Pacquiao came from the judges' scorecards.
In a fight Pacquiao seemed to have in hand, two judges decided otherwise, giving Bradley a split decision Saturday night and ending the Filipino fighter's remarkable seven-year unbeaten run.

Timothy Bradley reacts to his split-decision victory over Manny Pacquiao in their WBO welterweight title fight Saturday in Las Vegas.
Promoter Bob Arum fumed, the crowd at the MGM Grand arena booed, and Pacquiao seemed stunned when the decision was announced. Arum said there would be a November rematch, though he blasted the way the decision went down.
“I'm going to make a lot of money on the rematch, but this was outrageous,” Arum said.
read full article here

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Boxing is worthless for other reasons too. The rest of society gets deal with these guys with fucked-up heads for the rest of their lives. Maybe we should just be using these guys to test weapons. I bet that would look cool on TV.

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Man this fight pissed me off, gave the first 2 rounds and the last 2 to Bradley and that was about it, Pacman was the aggressor the whole fight and had Bradley rocked heavily multiple times also Bradley only fought off his back foot, sick of bullshit politics in boxing.

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How come so many expressions come from boxing? It seems boxing has produced more sayings than any other single entity.

1. by hook or by crook (actually, I always read that as by a fish hook, not by a left hook)

2. time to hang up the gloves

3. hit him when he's down

4. he had better toe the line. (?)

5. his work doesn't come up to scratch (?)

6. I'm in your corner now

7. roll with the punches

8. out for the count

9. going for the knockout

10. looking to draw blood

11. down, but not out

12. toe to toe

13. on the ropes

14. saved by the bell (a tv show for cryin' out loud)*

15. throw in the towel

16. heavy hitter (baseball and boxing?)

17. slugger (baseball and boxing?)

18. 'without pulling any punches'

*Perhaps not having its origins in boxing: "When our ancestors realized that they were burying a great deal of people before their time had actually come, they came up with a solution. They tied a string onto the "dead" person's hand, buried them, and tied the other end of the string to a bell and then tied it to nearby tree branch. If the person revived enough to ring the bell, their survivors would rush out and dig them up. Hence... "saved by the bell"' http://www.goodwords.com/sayings/

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Hellbent said:

16. heavy hitter

You sure that's not a baseball term? Wiki says it comes from both but I'd be curious which used it first.

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DoOmEr4LiFe said:

You sure that's not a baseball term? Wiki says it comes from both but I'd be curious which used it first.

yeah, I was sorta wondering that after I posted it. Kinda interesting how it works well for both.

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Most everyone is saying Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum put Pacquiao under the bus, but apparently Arum is looking for an investigation into the bad judging.

LAS VEGAS (USA TODAY) — The outrage over the split-decision upset victory for Timothy Bradley against champion Manny Pacquiao reached a fever pitch Sunday, with many in the boxing world seeking reform in the judging system and promoter Bob Arum calling for an outside investigation.

Arum, the 80-year-old chairman of Top Rank Promotions, represents both fighters.

"This is an international kind of story. There are people all over the world looking to blame somebody for this," he said.


As for why Arum would try to end Pacquiao--one, he doesn't want the pac-mayweather fight (although I don't understand why people say he wouldn't want the fight) and two he wants to make a new cash cow out of Bradley (but Bradley doesn't have lustre and it's hard to see why Arum would kill his tried and true cash-cow in Pacquiao before he's been dried up when Bradley is such an unsure bet to try to turn into a star (this judging stunt certainly didn't help Bradley become a star).

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Hellbent said:

1. by hook or by crook (actually, I always read that as by a fish hook, not by a left hook)

I always thought it was something to do with a hook shaped tool or a shepherd's crook (a hook shaped staff) and fwiw, one of the possibilities on wikipedia agrees with me.


No mention of boxing through.

I'm not sure that all of the other expressions are definitely boxing related either. However, given how long people have been punching each other for sport, it makes sense that boxing would have at least its fair share of derived expressions.

As for boxing having more expressions than any other single entity, you'd be amazed how many expressions in English are derived from the military, particularly terms that originated in a naval environment but which no longer have any immediately obvious association with being at sea, and (perhaps less so in the US?) the days of empire, particularly India.

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so they're saying that the Bradley/Pacquiao decision is one of the worst in the history of boxing. Although in a strange twist of irony my favorite boxing TV personality Brian Kenny had Bradley winning!

"Kenny didn’t agree with the vast majority.

“To say the fight was not competitive, I’m stunned,” Kenny said. “The overall reaction that this is the worst decision ever is ludicrous. I saw it live and I didn’t think that. And I had a clear cut view from the canvas.”

Kenny, the longtime host of ESPN’s Friday Night Fights, had one of the best vantage points while covering the fight for Top Rank’s international feed. Kenny was on the canvas right next to the HBO broadcast crew, and could clearly see Bradley’s body shots and how effective they were."

Boxing expert Brian Kenny believes Bradley defeated Pacquiao
Long-time boxing expert Brian Kenny, along with award-winning author Thomas Hauser, saw last Saturday’s WBO welterweight fight in Las Vegas as a Timothy Bradley victory. They are the only two who have stood out to defend the split-decision victory for the Cathedral City fighter.


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I've never watched boxing, but Manny is the Oprah of his people. He builds schools with 4 walls and a roof, a hospital, he's a congressman or something. He needs to win to help his people. Its like Nacho Libre.

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