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Monster that runs away?

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Is it possible to make an monster that runs away when it spots you with decorate? how hard would this be to do or where would I look?

Thanks for your help in advance, I appreciate it!

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You don't even need decorate: it can be done with dehacked. Here's a bashful imp, for instance:

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0

# Note: Use the pound sign ('#') to start comment lines.

Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6

Thing 12 (Imp)
Speed = -8

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It's worth pointing out that the FRIGHTENED flag does reduce the aggressiveness of the monster so although he will attack while running away, he will do it less frequently than a non-frightened monster.

The thing to point out with the DEHACKED method is that the sprites also have to be renamed. All you are doing is setting the speed to a negative value. You are not turning the monster around. So, he will be walking towards you at a negative speed. ie, he is facing you, but moving away (he looks like he is moonwalking). To get around this, you need to rename all of the the sprite rotations to that the 5 view becomes the 1 view etc. However, attack frames and so on should still use the original sprite orientations.

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Enjay said:

he is facing you, but moving away (he looks like he is moonwalking).

OMG, a Michael "IMP" Jackson, beware, not to be used with underage players or you can be sued too !!

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Saw plenty of Moonwalking in SNES Doom after being killed X) Monsters tend to start wandering around after your death...always liked that for some reason.

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