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The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

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On 6/24/2020 at 10:24 AM, N0B0DY888 said:

basically. it was the same map over and over again but each map had nothing but a single enemy type in it. masses of the same enemy in a single room and once you killed them all you moved onto the next map, the next enemy type being in that map, so on and so forth.


Not the same map over and over, but - one monster?

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There is an awesome, masterfully made wad in which you constantly get teleported from one cramped room fight to another. Does anyone remember it? It has space station theme, at least at the beginning.

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A few years ago I remember playing(?) a Hexen/Heretic mod, I think it was a staple for the total conversion fantasy rpg genre or something, it was similar to this one:

You would start in a city surrounded by high city walls, it was big and I remember there were NPCs too. The city was near the shore and very soon you would go there and board a ship were there would be this cut-scene where the ship sails (and I think it gets attacked???) while an NPC or a voice is talking to you as stuff goes by on the sides of the ship, and then you would reach a new landmass where you would disembark and go to your adventure. The whole thing had this fantasy medieval adventure feeling to it, can't seem to find it though, might be misremembering a few things too.

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