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Stupid Wolfenstein questions

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Episode 1 is set in the fictitious Castle Wolfenstein.
Episode 2 is set in the equally fictitious Castle Hollehammer.
Episode 3 is supposedly set in the Reichstag, episode 5 in Erlangen, episode 6 in Offenbach, and Spear of Destiny in Nuremberg.

But is it said anywhere where episode 4 is supposed to take place? Like, the game manual or something? There's no hint in the game's text strings.

Other stupid question, one of chronology. Episodes 4-6 (the so-called "Nocturnal Missions") are a prequel to episodes 1-3, and Spear of Destiny is also a prequel. Is there an order in which the two prequels are supposed to take place? That is to say NM->SOD->original trilogy; or SOD->NM->OT?

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From Episode 6 (practically Wolf3D) epilogue:

Alien Command informs you of some nefarious activities around Castle Hollehammer. Something about some grey-skinned berserk soldiers . . . .

So the missions that follow the Nocturnal ones are the original episodes.

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Yeah, and you fight a lot of mutants (including the Ubermutant boss) in SOD.

In fact, it'd make more sense if Spear of Destiny was right in between Episode 2 and Episode 3, since the epilogue of SOD is basically "now you can go and kill Hitler".

Mutants in Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny (second number, if present, represents those that are on patrol):
E2L0: 39
E2L1: 25
E2L2: 11
E2L3: 12
E2L4: 29+11
E2L5: 25
E2L6: 33
E2L7: 11
E2L8: 9+6
E2L9: 8
E6L0: 45
SOD11: 1
SOD12: 16+3
SOD13: 38+1
SOD14: 61
SOD15: 54+4
SOD16: 41
SOD17: 26
SOD18: 15
SOD19: 72
SOD20: 48

So, outside of Episode 2, they only appear in the secret level of episode 6, and in Spear of Destiny they appear from level 11 to level 18, plus the two secret levels.

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SOD wouldn't make sense between episode 2 and 3, since Schabbs has been destroyed and so did mutants, so there are no mutants in e3.
I see it like:
- you're stopping poison war, you hear about mutants
- you're searching for spear, killing many mutants and ├ťbermutant by the way
- mutants are regaining theis forces when you're imprisoned (and even bigger reason of no mutants in e1 is e1 being a shareware, ofc.)
- then you're killing Schabbs and there's no mutants after that.

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According to the Wolf3D hint book:

EP4: Castle Erlangen
EP5: Dungeons of Castle Erlangen
EP6: Castle Heidenheim

The Spear of Destiny hint book states that Schabb's was originally performing his Mutant experiments at Nuremburg, but moved to somewhere with better facilities (presumably Hollehammer); though he left his 'crowning achievement', the Uber Mutant, behind.

The above may explain why there are Mutant's in Spear of Destiny, but how BJ (and/or Allied Command) seemingly forgets about their existence for Wolf3D. Maybe BJ didn't know what they were and Allied Command takes time to verfy...

Let's not also forget the Spear of Destiny Mission packs; the plots for those follow Spear of Destiny in chronological order (i.e. SOD, SODMP2, SODMP3), taking place in an unnamed Scandinavian atomic research base and the F├╝hrerbunker respectively.

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Castle Heidenheim? Interesting. The episode 5 end text says "Now rush to the military installation at Offenbach", and Offenbach am Main is quite some distance away from Heidenheim.

As for Ep 4 and Ep 5, I suppose it makes sense for them to be in roughly the same location. Still, the end text does imply it's some other place: "In the heavily guarded fortress of Erlangen are the plans for the upcoming Giftkrieg (or Poison War)." I'd have expected it phrased like "Deeper in the fortress of Erlangen ..." if that were where BJ already way. Maybe the solution would be to put Episode 4 in Heidenheim. :p

As for the Mission Packs, their canonicity is debatable; but at least it was always clear that they were immediate sequels to SOD. It's just hard to figure out if both are supposed to happen or just one (it's the same bosses in both; it seems like The Ultimate Challenge should have had different bosses but they cheapened out on creating new enemies).

Dragonsbrethren said:

Alien command, heh.

That's Printz's mistype. The game says "Allied command" without a slip.

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Vermil said:

According to the Wolf3D hint book:

EP4: Castle Erlangen
EP5: Dungeons of Castle Erlangen

It should have been the reverse, judging by how shiny and straightforward (but full of SS) E5 looks, and how grimy E4 is (E4M5, E4M8 eww).

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Something else interesting regarding the SOD Mission packs is the final map of the second one:


The map is called 'Future Threat', is atmospheric and has some interestingly marked crates (first visible at 0.16) and some wall textures based off ones we know very well.

The Hint Book confirms that BJ has traveled to the future rather than it being some fancy Nazi tech. Also that it is site of former battles...

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yellowmadness54 said:

UAC crates and DOOM comp sprites.

I told you these games took place in the same universe

Well, the cyberdemon was in the Wolfenstein RPG before it was resurrected and augmented.

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Siggi said:

Clearly Hitler founded the UAC.

No, John Carmack did. I predict that in the future, we will see more independent aerospace companies popping up, and Armadillo Aerospace will be the largest among them. Then John Carmack will merge with all of the other aerospace companies, renaming Armadillo Aerospace to the Union Aerospace Corporation.

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Technician said:

John Carmack does look a little Aryan... but he did marry an Asian Chick, so I guess we can let him off.

Is she Japanese? If so, we had better hide the jews.

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