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Reinchards high resolution textures and sprites - demo available

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Reinchard666 said:

E1M1 textures pack demo:

Ehh... i hope just dont mind my question Reinchard666 but this file was removed to be worked again? or just going to be released later? i tried to download it and it send me to filedropper main page instead the file download page. unless im doing something wrong.

Anyway im really enjoying how epic those textures looks

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Most textures are now in official pack, so you can download it from dengine.net.

Here is new skull switch (Doom have very characteristic skulls, but that on textures from official hires pack looks nothing like Doom, so I decide to make my own):

Comparison (original, my, that from pack):

Full resolution on panel textures:

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The teeth on your skull switch look a little strange, the shading makes it look like the upper jaw isn't joined the rest of the skull. Maybe could be blended with the surrounding bone a bit more?

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Definitely the one in this post! It seems, though, that the lighting between the wood and the switch itself seems a bit odd. It's like they're lit in different ways. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here :)

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