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Troubles setting up PRBoom for Android controls.

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Just downloaded the PRBoom version found on Android Market under the pseudonym as FreeDoom.

When I try to set up the keys though. Only some of them seem to be working. And it doesn't seem to be related to the key itself, but rather the action. Can't be sure yet though. Anyone else had issues?

I'm gonna look into the cfg in notepad tomorrow. See if it's a mess.

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Isn't that the one with hideous taskbar ads though?


Anyways, there is a way to set them, you just go into the PrBoom controls menu like usual, I haven't had a problem. Of course, my Android also has a physical keyboard so it might be different for full-on touchscreens if you have one of those.

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No. But it feeds ad links to your taskbar for you to press whenever.

Obviously I have a keyboard, otherwise it would be redundant to ask for help setting up the keys for it. And obviously that is what I was trying otherwise I wouldn't have needed to ask the question.

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My bad, I realized later what you had said and just sat on it.

Not sure what's up then man, all I can say is that it configures fine for my device, try letting the authors know. Or, like you said, crack open the config and take a look.

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