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Simplistic Doom Wallpaper

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I prefer minimalist style wallpapers. Dark theme, only a couple of colours, not much going on, not too distracting. Even when other people try this, I usually don't like it, so I end up making my own. I made this one when I was reading the Scoot Pilgrim comics, but after six months I felt it was time for a change:


Made from the band's logo, with minor changes to make it look grimier and more similar to the game's logo.

Sorry I haven't been working on the Pain Elemental drawing more. I sprained the thumb on my writing hand about eight weeks ago and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I've been pretty discouraged artistically since, and I'm not sure when I'll be able to draw again.

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This is now in my wallpaper rotation. Very simple, but that's good since I can just center it and we're good. Would kinda like to see another one with you using gear from the game to make the letters (using a couple orbs for the O's, not sure what you'd do for the D but the M could be formed from rocket launcher and chaingun as the uprights and shotgun and plasma gun as the slants.

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