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custom texture shows up in Doom builder 2 but not in-game

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I used a PNG image as a custom texture by putting it into a PWAD. When I load the PWAD in Doom Builder 2 it shows up and appears to work just fine, but when I actually run the PWAD in Zdoom I just get a hall of mirrors effect/bug.

Why does this happen?

Here is how the PWAD looks like by the way:

Is there something I am forgetting?


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boris said:

Since you're apparently using PNG you can put the lump(s) between the TX_START and TX_END lumps and not use PNAMES and TEXTUREx at all, right?

I don't know. I am not sure how it really matters though since I am not having any problems with the PNAMES and TEXTUREx thingy.

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Hello, I'm having a similar problem as well! If I load a PWAD into a level that I made none of the textures show up if I load my map on my source port. I use Slade to try to fix that and a wall texture will display but a floor texture will not. I started getting into Doom Builder several months ago and I didn't have this problem then. I've been doing some research, wiki lookups, videos and so on but no dice. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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