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Walter confetti

Nutty Shells (a probable wad series?)

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Hello to all, finished after 3 days of work (actually, i think to finish this in less time) and inspired to Doom in a Nutshell by GRB, here's the doom 2 ("stolen" stuff) version of it. Level is pretty large and it's much more a mash-up of existing places in doom 2 than a spiritual remake of it... There's not a huge monster variation skills... but it's here. I have also in mind to do more levels like this for other IWADS (plutonia, tnt, etc.), but if will did this i'll made when i don't have any project involved (so, yup after secret santa maybe):

Download: http://dropcanvas.com/?new#c7apa v2 with many bug fixed...

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Is this becoming a thing?

Anyway, I played through it (skill 1 with resurrecting) and I think it's really cool. The icon of sin part though (playing in ZDoom) the platform that takes you up to fire rockets wouldn't come back down. Not sure if I did something wrong but I died and instead of resurrecting I accidentaly started over so I noclipped back into the room and it was working. Also the inside of the platforms (where you go back and forth hitting the goat face switches to press what is usually the big skull face switch) are untextured.

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thanks for feedback, i'll see to fix those bugs...

Also, yes, this is the first of a probable wad series in this style including various sources, as i explained in the OP.... but they're all things i will do in a undefined future.

EDIT: fixed many bugs and add more skill variation.. anyway the lift that rises up in the IoS room works fine also on zdoom, always if is that the incriminated part... check the OP

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