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UMK3 TOB 3.0

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i have to upload another demo version 3.0 soon, only i need to add khameleon and some fighters for the arcade ladder and test multiplayer using zdl, here a video of the mod:

is a full gameplay with chameleon, the AI was optimized; is not so hard but not so easy, depending of your choice of the fighter, the AI will do diferent attacks. The mod still compatible with gzdoom tob (a gzdoom hack), also the wad for the release will contain this hack.

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50% of the arcade ladder done (11 non boss fighters done)

i need include:

cyrax, sektor and smoke.
kitana, jade and khameleon.
reptile, ermac, human smoke, rain, noobsaibot and chameleon.

(those will be more easy becuase: all the ninjas use the same sprites and only change the special moves, same as female ninjas and cyborgs)

after of this i will upload the demo =)

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jade, cyrax and sektor now only i need to add the 1 cyborg and the arcade ladder for the demo will be completed.


subzero brutality

scorpion brutality

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