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Twilight Warrior Quick Help

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hey guys, making my way through the top 100 wads and am having a complete blast.

Unfortunately my neurotic self won't let me forget that I can't figure out how to beat the embassy level in Twilight Warrior for the life of me. How do I get the steel bars to retract so I can leave?

I found a youtube video of a speedrun and I didn't see any obvious switches I forgot to hit. Is there a trigger the game is failing to hit for me?


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Ahhh I remember this wad, but can't help you when it comes to that stage. Did you "touch" all the hostages?

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Isn't Twilight Warrior old? As in very old?

It's not completely impossible that whatever sourceport you're using now might not be backwards compatibile to what this project was aimed for years ago.

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