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Do lump names have a limited character set?

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printz said:

The wiki says that only certain characters are allowed in lump names. Really? They are arrays...

From a purely technical POV, no, there is no limitation other than that \0 can't be a part proper of a lump name, as it will serve to terminate the name regardless of whatever may follow.

The problem will come in when importing/exporting lumps, and with tools which don't anticipate control characters or extended ASCII appearing in lump names. As for the latter, it's a bad idea to use them anyway as for PSX, N64, and related ports' wads, characters in a lump name with bit 7 (when numbering 0 to 7) set mean the lump is compressed. Some wad tools might apply that rule a bit too liberally if they're console-port aware.

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So basically anything that can be typed from the US keyboard, except small letters, is allowed.

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You can type small letters too. The all-caps thing is a convention, nothing more.

For example, in SLADE's preferences, on the editing page, you can uncheck "force uppercase entry name in wad archives" if you really want to type lower-cased lump names.

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The old interoperability rule applies here: be liberal with what you accept, and conservative with what you produce.

Do you really need anything except A-Z, 0-9, hyphen and underscore? I doubt it.

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