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XWE morphed my BMP!

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I'm trying to understand why adding a 128x128 BMP to a WAD using XWE and XWE recognizes it as a WAVESOUND. ?#!
The BMP works fine in-game, as if nothing crazy happened in XWE.
There has not been a problem caused by this phenom' but it's not right so I want it out.
Here is one of the pics that does it: http://i49.tinypic.com/2w6dixs.jpg


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XWE often misidentifies the type of a lump when viewing a wad, especially ones not between *_START/*_END markers. It's completely harmless and usually corrects itself when you reload the wad into XWE. If it doesn't, you can always forcibly change the "type" to another if you know the number for it.

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The one big 'DO NOT DO THAT' with XWE is that it does not like to work with a file which is also opened with another program. Things can, and will, get very ugly.

Misreading a file type has never happened to me, but with the default settings it is conceivable for it to mistake a file type for something else, as you have experienced. One solution would be customization of XWE.INI.

For example, there is an all-encompassing entry for images

Entry : "*.JPG;*.TGA;*.BMP;*.PCX;*.pcx;*.DTX;*.NWX;*.FTX"
Editor : ImageEditor
Icon : image
take out *.BMP; and make an entry for it specifically, like there is one for PNG
Entry : "*.PNG"
Signature : "$89 $50 $4E $47"
Editor : ImageEditor
Icon : png
Open a bmp image with a hex editor to find the specific signature for bmp files, which turns out to be BM6. So, the entry for BMP would look like this
Entry : "*.BMP"
Signature : "$42 $4D $36"
Editor : ImageEditor
Icon : bmp

With Csabo's own admission, the code for XWE is quite convoluted and in urgent need of clean-up and streamlining. At one point he was set to rewrite the code in C++. But, since he distanced himself from the program, that will never happen.

Hence the loud patter of feet as most mappers move over to Slade3.
With Slade3 now at a point where the lump editor is stable and robust, I would recommend to give it a try.

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