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New Risen3D Project

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First of all, I'll apologize if there occurs any double letters where no double letter should be. I try to catch them when they happen, but I am on a laptop's keyboard that seems to not very much like my big, calloused fingers.

Yeah, and that has to do with Doom, how, again? :D :D


In my introduction thread (yep, I'm new here), I stated that I am working on a new project for the Risen3D port. A few people seemed curious about it, so I decided to crank up the pwad I am working on and take a few screen shots.

And wallah.


And a few from Map02:

Some of you may recognize some of the textures I am using. They come from this gentleman's page (to make sure credit goes where credit is due). The door textures and a few others. I made the emblems which appear on the doors. I also made the dragon texture you see in the first screen shot. The dragon was done for me on commission by a nice young lady from Sweden whom I know.

Anyway, be looking for more updates as I get further along in the development of my pwad. I intend something pretty spectacular, making as much use as I can of Risen3D's most excellent cool stuff!

'Nuff for now!

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All right!

Been beavering away at this pretty steadily since my last post. Work getting busy for a while slowed me down a bit, but I've still managed to get a ton done.

And now I am back with a whole bunch of new screen shots. Hope these manage to keep your appetites wetted while I continue working! :D

Map 03 is a massive cargo-receiving facility. It has a huge space port, and a just as huge seaport! And a supremely vast cargo storage area.

And lots and lots of well positioned baddies who are out to keep you from living to see all of it!

These maps work only with Risen3D, so if you haven't gotten it yet, you'll definitely want to get it! :D I'll repost the link after the nifty screen shots.

So with that, let's begin!

This is a shot of the cargo storage facility.

I've made extensive use of Risen3D's 3D Floor capability in this area. Moreover, several imps are positioned up on the cargo shelves, making them very difficult to shoot. You have to fight them at a distance, so choose your weapon well, and aim carefully!

This s an overhead view of the space port's landing field. As seen from inside the facility's massive control center (not shown).

Here is the space port facility again, shown from the other side, at ground level.

Hours and hours of custom texture work has gone into bringing vibrancy and as much realism which can be achieved with the Doom engine into these maps, to make them as immersive as ever a Doom player could ever hope to get!

And finally, here is a shot of the seaport. You can actually jump into and swim in the ocean if you want to. Even though the signs say not to. ;)

Pretty deep though. If you make it to the bottom, you won't have enough air to make it back to the surface again. And hmmm, you'll drown. Don't do that. It's like, counterproductive and stuff. Not to mention deadly. :P

And now, we move onto level 4!

I've only gotten a start on it, so there isn't a lot to show yet. What I have managed to get completed though, is pretty impressive.

Taking note in particular, there is an Olympic size pool! Like, how cool is that, right?

Your backside is on fire from all of those imp fireballs, well, you can now take a refreshing swim! :D

And I don't know if it has been done before or not, but whether it has or it hasn't, I've decided that I am going to do it!

A frickin football-style stadium, complete with grass and gridiron!

You're going to hate me for what shows up in it, though. :-D

Here are a few shots of this lovely facility!

And that's pretty much all for now. I'm working out ambient sounds for my levels, too. When you walk past a pump housing, you'll hear water running and machines buzzing. When you walk into a computer complex, you'll hear computer sounds, and more buzzing.

In fact, you'll hear lots of buzzing.

I like buzzing. :D

Here's the Risen3D link! If you ain't got it. Get it! When my maps come out, you're gonna want it!

Ciao! For now!

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