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should I get HD Cable?

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I have no real intention of watching HD TV but almost all the channels have black bars similar to letterbox, but unlike letter boxed movies that are more panoramic the black bars are just squeezing the 16:9 image. so i have a plasma and I've been reading that the black letterboxes are not active pixels, so over the years those parts don't get worn in as much and the image appears brighter where it used to display black bars. So I guess I have to waste money on some fancy cable and stupid hd box and service just so that my tv's pixels can age evenly.

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If you're not a big fan of cable, don't bother spending the money. Most major over-air channels broadcast in 1080i now. I certainly don't miss cable, and I get my movie fix through Netflix. Find a cheap internet plan, plug your TV into the antenna and be done with it.

Of course, cable companies will still try to fleece you if you don't buy into their bundles, but you can always play the "going with another provider" game if you're so inclined.

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