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GZDoom in anaglyph 3D! ...almost

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I've always wanted to play Doom (and respective pwads) in 3d over any other game. There once was a port released to do just that but I've never been able to get it to work, besides I'd rather have GZDoom in 3d. Recently I've almost managed to do it.

Pics (Red/Cyan glasses needed for full effect):
Equinox: http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n615/CreativeBlogPics/Doom/doom3d1.jpg
E1M1: http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n615/CreativeBlogPics/Doom/doom3d2.jpg

I used several different programs to create this abomination.
First I needed 3d drivers that would work on my computer. For this I used IZ3D's free drivers that include anaglyph 3d - the poor man's 3d.
But there's a big problem. No stereoscopic 3d drivers to date are compatible with OpenGL for some reason. And all the advanced Doom source ports use OpenGL not Direct X.
So next I downloaded GLDirect which tricks(?) OpenGL into thinking it's DirectX. Unfortunately it is old and no longer supported so it did not work with GZDoom. However I tried downloading an older version of GZDoom, v.1.0.13, and it finally worked! Sort of.
If you notice in the screenshots the textures and spites are displayed normally but the flats are all HOMs.
I don't know anything about programming but perhaps a patch could be made to fix this. It would be very awesome to see a GZDoom3D source port.
Does anyone think they can do something about this? Is anyone else interested in 3D Dooming? I want to know the Doom community's opinion on this.

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Unfortunately I can't help you but I can say that these shots are pretty good. I liked Minecraft's anaglyph 3D, though it was a buggy mess back when I used it. If you can get this going I will definitely be looking forward to it.

But I'm still not sure what you're doing. Are you making your own fork of GZDoom? Or are you just trying to use some drivers to make your computer display GZDoom in 3D?

There's also this.

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DuckReconMajor said:

...Or are you just trying to use some drivers to make your computer display GZDoom in 3D?...

That one.
If it sounds like I don't know what I'm talking about then I probably don't, I just want to play Doom in 3D any way my computer will let me.

And thanks for the link I be trying that out right away.

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I think the download link for that is dead :(

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This has been proposed a couple of times in the past. With software-rendered ports, it would be a PITA because of the overhead of rendering and then blending two frames in RGB space in software. Somebody now and then also had produced working prototypes, but they never went beyond that stage.

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