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[ZDoom] Weapon Centre Lock

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To avoid comments such as 'Just play PrBoom+' I am going to start this post off by saying that throughout the course of today I have been trying to find out why ports such as Chocolate Doom, PrBoom+ and Eternity are causing me to have mouse problems whilst ZDoom/GZDoom's mouse works perfectly. I have since found that this is due to the engines being SDL based.

Because the mouse movement is extremely skippy and unbearable in these SDL ports, I have decided that my preferred engine will be ZDoom. However, I made this post because I wanted to know if there are any DIY ways of fixing certain things about this port that I dislike.

I have been able to sort transparent projectiles, bullet holes and blood marks by finding a file called 'Cleanrender.pk3'.

The final issue is that of the weapon centre locking. When you fire, the weapon sprite automatically shifts and locks at the centre until firing stops whereas in vanilla and the ports mentioned above, the sprite locks in the position that it was just before the firing started.

I wanted to know if there was a way that I could make something that would emulate this older style as I have already been told that it is not possible using zdoom cvars.

Thanks. :)

tl;dr can I make a wad/pk3 that will emulate old weapon locking style.

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Do you have problems with DOS (via DOSbox) as well?

Sorry, I don't know much about fixing these sorts of problems, but that might help narrow it down, because mouse lag is a well known phenomenon in DOSbox, so there's a lot of documentation out there on how to alleviate it; CPU cycles and multi-threading, wot wot.

That might help you... If you have a problem in DOSbox as well, and only if the root of that problem is the same as the one you're presently experiencing... :/

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I haven't extensively tested DOSBox but a quick playthrough using what comes installed with the Steam version of Final Doom showed extremely minimal skipping with the mouse and probably works the best out of it and the aforementioned source ports so far (Apart from Zdoom).

As for trying to solve issues with the source ports, I found that the skipping can be caused by using high-dpi mouse settings with low screen resolutions and setting both of these low and high respectively did improve the mouse quite a bit.

Unfortunately it is still very noticeable and for the sake of being a fussy git I would rather not use DOSbox and the source ports feel too horrible to continue using them. :(

Which is why, if possible, I would like to learn how to construct something myself that would enable ZDoom/GZDoom to emulate the vanilla compatible source ports more closely in a visual sense. The whole weapon-centre business is a big part of that feeling.

If anyone could provide any guidance on that it would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Out of curiosity, have you tried Odamex? I know a lot of effort has gone into mouse behavior.

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Actually I downloaded Odamex earlier and tried it. :)

I noticed it had two mouse modes (Classic and ZDoom), with the classic mode I experienced the same issues I do with Prboom/Chocolate/Eternity but the ZDoom mode was even more jerky than the previous and I have no idea why. :/

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