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Cannot re-modify deh patches

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So, I have WhackED 2. When I'm creating new .deh patches, they work just fine, but when I'm trying to edit them later, it says that

modPatchFiles.LoadPatch: Could not find string replacement.

I however managed to edit someone else's patch and it worked. Every my patch contained Strings, Things and Other edits and succesfully edited patch contained strings edit only, so that might be the point.

On related note, why can't I edit quit messages? Strings to edit doesn't contain them.

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There are two DeHackEd standards: the first is the vanilla-compatible format that comes in two flavors depending on the age of the patch: the older binary format, and the newer text-based format; and the second is the Boom Extended format (.bex) which are supported only by source ports.

In vanilla DeHacked, the [STRINGS] and [CODEPTR] sections aren't supported, so this patch you are editing is .bex, not .deh (although most ports don't care about the file extension... just the header information at the top of the patch file). You can usually adjust the two numbers to correct version detection problems. I don't know how to convert one patch to a different format though.

This is what WhackEd2 outputs (in both vanilla and bex formats):

Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 21
Patch format = 6
And this is what DeHackEd 3.1 outputs:
Patch File for DeHackEd v3.0
Doom version = 19
Patch format = 6
Sorry, but I don't actually have a full understanding of what numbers mean what. Both of these are patches meant to work with Doom II.

Also, it seems there are no strings corresponding to quit messages in vanilla DeHackEd or even with Boom Extensions. You can use the ZDoom string extensions, so any source ports that actually support changing the quit messages may do so. Just note that you have to manually add them to the [STRINGS] section. If you edit the file after the fact with DeHackEd or WhackEd, then those strings will be discarded and you have to add them again.

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