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Massmouth 2 Zdoom Help

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Hey guys, me again. This time I've been playing through Massmouth 2, the very last game I've dug my teeth into out of all the games listed on the top 100 wads list.

Aaand I'm stuck, and I can't figure out if its because of the engine or not. Level ten, Texas Linguine, finding the six keys, and I can't past a triangular object blocking the monster's mouth in the top right corner. On the lets Play I found, he just waltzes in the mouth on top of the tongue, no problems.

Some googling shows several threads about what may be a sloping issue - an apparent problem with zdoom. Since I ran into a weird texture bug early on I switched from zdoom to skulltag.

I then downloaded an old version of zdoom (2.0.96) that someone on youtube recommended. And... same problem.

Am I missing some switch, or is this the sloping issue? If it is, how would I fix it?

EDIT: D'oh! used a version of GZDoom and it works perfectly. Cheers to the random commentor on the doomworld download page. Mods, feel free to delete!

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