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TrainStation (Vanilla Compat) [Image-heavy!]

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Okay, so it seems I've been lurkin' around in these forums a lot, and the only thing I seemed to be contributing to were Non-Doom forums and my Doom RPG one.

I thought it was time to make a change and build a map for once. I know I've done them before, but they were quite rushed and looked kinda bad. I tried to find my mapping theme, and came to a conclusion about how I should go about, so... here it is.

"Train Station", a Doom 2 map I'd originally planned to make to give myself a little texturing training on, but its evolved into something I'm proud of.

Not quite playable for Single Player, it's more of a Multiplayer map, but still compatible with Vanilla Doom. Still need to place weapons in some good spots and get it going, but for now, here's a few pics:

(Near-complete map, just need to place weapons and probably align a few things.)

(Overlooking the railway system in ZDoom)

(Boarding platform, looking from the tracks in ZDoom)

(Ticket area, baggage drop-off just behind thi -ZDoom-)

(Security checkpoint on the way to the Boarding platform -ZDoom-)

(Medical Room in the southwestern part of the station. -Zdoom-)

(Looking up at the Station from outside on the tracks. -ZDoom-)

(Looking once again at the boarding platform, from the tracks -Vanilla Doom-)


Wad in its current state for download, if anyone's interested.

No texture packs needed, as I did what I could with stock textures.

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Okay, I made a few updates to the map, expanding it and fixing some linedefs. It should be a more roundabout map now, with you being to access any area from anywhere.

Stuff added:

-Crawling inside the conveyor belt and opening the hatch will take you to a loading port.

-More tracks and a possible weapons area for DM.

-Entrance to the map now has an elevator that leads to the tracks, making for two possible getaways in Vanilla Doom.

The size of the map now with additions.


Here's the updated map. Happy fragging!

(Also, I would like some feedback on this, to see where I should put weapons, along with possible additions or fixes.)

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Sorry, but in the 5th shot, there's a massive alignment mistake with the brick texture.

Shot 3 looks really nice though.

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