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Mermaids do NOT exist.

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Maes said:

I believed him, but as I got oldered I stopped.


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Maes said:

When I was 3 yo, I saw my father tossing some used mosquito repellent tablets in the garden. I asked him what happened to the tablets out there, and he told me that little birds ate them. There was a time when I believed him, but as I got older I stopped. But for several years, this mental image of flocks of angry and hungry sparrows fighting over used mosquito repellent tablets haunted me.

I think we all heard those types of little lies.

See also the day I pieced it all together and realized there was no farm where all of our previous pets were follicking and galavanting in golden fields that never ended.

After that, it didn't take a genius to figure out they could be wrong about some of the other stories.

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