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Realms of Terror [Released]

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Hey guys, I finally got this new idea for a map done. It contains only monsters, but it also contains some monsters from the Monster resource wad:


This map is called Realms of Terror because it contains portals that lead to all different parts of the map, the portals connect with each other to make a complete loop. It is compatible for all skill level settings, deathmatch mode and coop: This is just a regular doom 2 vanilla map, but it uses the new monsters. I hope you enjoy it! Recommended Zdoom

get it here:


Remember, you need to play this with monsters.wad. You can get it above or click below if it doesn't work.


You need to run in the command like -file rot036.wad monsters.wad

Screen shots to follow:

(I tried to post all the screen shots but I got an error, so just please follow the link for screen shots:


P.S. be careful with the radiation suit, it's needed to complete the level!

Please post honest reviews and if anyone wants to make a demo of this that would be great :)

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Not yet, possibly tomorrow..

I've played it now... here are some thoughts about it:

First of all, LAY OFF OF MONSTERS.WAD! I'm assuming that this is if not your first, it's one of your first maps. Please, correct me if I'm wrong. Start off with the normal Doom monsters until you get an idea of gameplay balance. One or two custom monsters isn't too bad, but here you've got 4 types of Cacos, 5 types of Imps, 3 types of Barons, those shit monsters that use the shields, those fucking shiteful bats and a few more that I'm not going to name. Overkill much.

What you're describing as portals throughout the map you should call by the correct name of teleports. Portals are another piece of mapping entirely that's got to do with 3D floors and such. I was disappointed to find that you teleport around the map from one themed room to another vastly different themed room and so on for about 7 or 8 teleporters until you get back to the start room... I actually liked the STARxx texture use in the start room so some kudos there.

On the themes, they're all over the shop buddy, which can work on occasion, but this isn't one of them. Most areas are fairly squarish, but your textures are decently aligned. Watch your use of Wolfenstein textures though, they are hard to pull off well.

I felt that there was a lack of health and ammo early on until about the time I got the blue skull, then it was ok. The damaging floors do way too much damage... either tone the damage level down a notch or place more than one bloody radiation suit in the map.

There's a couple of pitch black areas where you can lose all sense of direction that frustrated me a couple of times, and the dark area with the Rocket Launcher is not very fun... I jumped in that area, don't know if you intended the map to be playable with jumping, but I did, so there.

On a positive note, the final area was very nice, but maybe a tad too big, but I liked it. I played this map with MAP10's music and it seemed to suit it very well.

Looking at what I wrote it seems like a big negative, but I think there's plenty of potential if not necessarily in this map but any other maps you make in the future.


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