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bands influenced by DOOM

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I'm looking for bands/artists that are influenced by DOOMS music. It doesn't need to be a direct influence.
Mostly bands that sound like the music from DOOM. Inb4 Alice in chains, metalica and all the band's bobby took sounds from. I'm not after that.

I hear a bit of a doom influence coming from Nine Inch Nails, for obvious reasons. I have only really listened to the downward spiral though.
I also, for some reason, hear some doom influences in KMFDM. Maybe that's just me?

Anyone think of anymore?

Forgive me if the grammar and spelling is wrong, I'm typing this from my phone.

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Hexen may have taken their name from Hexen, but I will tell you they were inspired from something else. :)

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Vordakk said:

Yeah, seeing as they have a song about DOOM called "Knee Deep in the Dead". :)


Exactly ;D

Also, I was corresponding with a member of the band Quadrivium who told me he used to make a lot of Doom maps. If you enjoy classic symphonic black metal, or in specific liked Arcturus' first album you'd like them a lot.

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ducon said:

I would say Morbid angel and Smashing pumpkins.

Yeah I know Trey from Morbid Angel made some Doom maps.

There`s also bands named Icon of Sin and Thy Flesh Consumed. I don`t know how influenced by the game they are though.

Then there`s Rotten Sound and their song "Doom" which has actual gameplay sounds as the intro to the song.

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rammstein. not musical inspiration, though.

the drummer's nickname is doom. and you can hear doomguy's dying sound in one of their songs.

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NoneeLlama said:

There's also Warbringer, who has a song called Hell On Earth

Cool! Not a bad song at all. And you're right, the lyrics are definitely about DOOM.

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What about other bands or songs inspired by vidyagames? Everyone has Zelda references, but there's still some gems out there. Canadian one-man-band Sequester has a great song based on Planescape: Torment:

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Danarchy said:


I sometimes wonder if id had any knowledge about that obscure crust punk band before making the game. Or how the two logos are so uncannily similar (at a glance) if they didn't. Been a while since I read Masters of Doom but I don't recall it being mentioned.

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